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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Broken Light Bulb Base Removal Hack

Article: 7912 of alt.hackers
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
From: (Jettero Heller)
Subject: Re: Broken Light Bulb Base Removal Hack
Sender: (USENET News System)
Organization: Cleveland State University
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Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 01:29:12 GMT
Approved: Just Johnny <johnny@info.bahn>
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Status: RO

Ry Jones ( wrote:
: Jerry Leslie ( wrote:

: Should we play a game? Name the most glaring technical inconsistency
: in Johnny  Mnemonic. I would say using a buttset to hack a payphone
: internet pop was... weak. The dtmf a buttset can make isn't different
: from the dtmf of the payphone. Weak, weak. And the brand name of the
: buttset? "Infobahn 3000". PLEASE.

And you know everything there is to know about computers/telephony
30 years from now. So that means we have to take your word for
it that they will even be using DTMF 30 years from now. . .just
like it was used 30 years ago? I think not. Since your mind apparently
thinks only in terms of todays tech shouldn't you also be complaining
about the fact they they are using part of his brain to store data, and
he gets 'synaptic seepage' from storing too much? Come on the movie
was sci-fi, just cuz they were to cheap to make a new prop for him
to hack doesn't mean that it was WRONG! If anything you should be
complaining about the 'INTERNET - 2021' thing at the beginning.

ObHack: getting my car home last night. Let me explain. About 5 minutes
away from my buddies house my battery died. . .this shouldn't have stopped
my car so I checked under the hood. Turns out that the threaded terminal
post for the wire from the alternator to the battery had broken off.
The alternator wasn't doing anything. After about 1.5 hours of trying
various things to get the wire to stay attached to the little bit of the
terminal that was left I finally realized that the wire might stay
attached with some rigging elsewhere. I ended up putting the loop
connector over the less than 1/8" of the post that was left and pulling
the wire taught. Then fastening the cable with a little piece of wire
to a nearby hose. I didn't think the rigging would make it to the next
gas station, it ended up taking me the 20 minute ride home. Finally got
to bed at 4 am. . .after leaving at 1:30. Geez what a night. . .

Obnotahack: watching commercials for Readers Digest Home Handymans
tricks and secrets and then calling it an ObHack.

** Heller

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    for to love an endangered species is politicly correct" --
    Capitol Steps
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