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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Login masking? ..DC Toaster??

Article: 7428 of alt.hackers
From: (Dan Homolka)
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Subject: Re: Login masking?  ..DC Toaster??
Date: 20 Feb 1995 20:30:36 GMT
Organization: Imperial College, London, UK
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Now I've got to type it all again because I forgot you-know-what.

Hans ( wrote:
: In article <3hlept$> Jeff Garzik,
: writes:
: >ObHack:  Ever used a toaster to jumpstart a car?  It was the closest
: >thing at hand.  The heating elements went to the positive, and I had to
: >hunt around for the negative inside the toaster.  A couple alligator
: >clips, a couple wires, and a toaster, and a cold morning with a dead car
: >battery -- it took me under five minutes to get going... :)
: >
: You have a DC toaster????
: ---If yes:  You have "positive" heating elements???
: ---If yes (?): You have a 12 volt toaster???
: ---If no: you used the element as a voltage divider???
Yeah, that was worrying me too... a 12v DC toaster? I thought they operated
on a similare principle to household light-bulbs - i.e. hot bit of wire
caused by current/resistance interaction... :-)

: ObHack: I have no external http server, so.....I stuck my home page in my
: finger!
: hab3
: ....note there must be a space between "79/" and "hab3"
(this is OS
: dependent)

Um, don't think this will work. Most Web clients send a request like:
GET <filename> HTTP/1.0
HEAD <filename> HTTP/1.0

to the server... so the fingred will probably get a little bit confused...
(Well the standard IRIX one does.)

ObHack: Partially getting around the problem by doing the http request through
a finger gateway - but the text returned isn't properly formated, as the
gateway puts in a <PRE> tag as the first part of the text...
ObHackPartII: Put a </PRE> tag as the first line of the text -
hence closing
the preformatted text portion. Now the rest of the .project & .plan will be
correctly formatted hypertext :-)

ObDIYHack&BadJoke: Acquired a 'broken' Apple LaserWriter II... wouldn't
paper - claimed there was a paper jam.  Opened it up - no paper to be seen
anywhere.  Reasoned that the paper-jam detectors could be either mechanical
or optical.  There were no stuck looking mechanical switch-type things, so
blew really hard along the edges of the paper path, and voila!  One working
printer, without a hefty Apple service charge :-)
And now for the bad joke: "A good blow job wil sort must things out!"
(NB The
last was a joint piece of work!!!)

Dan.(Who is going to go and do some work now, and think of a GOOD ObHack for
next time).

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