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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Case Hacks (Was: Im a new lamer, testing)

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From: (Russell Pickett)
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Subject: Case Hacks (Was: Im a new lamer, testing)
Date: 26 May 1995 00:05:17 GMT
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In article <3q2pcl$>, says...
>One of the users at work had an IBM 8512 monitor on which we needed
>to adjust the height.  The swivel bases on the 8513's were perfect,
>except that there were ridges molded into the housing of the 8512
>which prevented us from attaching the 8513 base. I scored along the
>bases of the ridges with a utility knife, then took a screwdriver
>and HACKED the ridges off the housing.  The 8513 swivel base fit

OH:  Building a 486 box out of spare parts laying around for Linux (those
of you who follow the saga of my home Ethernet know what THAT means...
time for multi-protocol 'net config hacks from hell to start showing up
in a few weeks...)

Have 150MB SCSI drive, 5-1/4", full height, from about 1985.  Weighs
about 110 pounds.  Have new, sexy, little micro-tower case, with only
3-1/2" HD bays.  It has two 5-1/4" floppy/CDROM/etc bays with
steel drive
rail guides between them.

Solution:  Hammer and screwdriver to bend back and/or break off all eight
of the drive rail guides.  Suddenly, I have one, monster, 5-1/4"
full-height drive bay, which my boat anchor drive fits into perfectly.

The next fun part was chopping a hole in the plastic case cover so that I
could mount the 3-1/2" floppy into one of the empty HD bays.  That should
theoretically count as another hack, but then I'd have to describe all
over again why my floppy bays were full and my HD bays empty...

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