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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Broken Light Bulb Base Removal Hack

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Subject: Re: Broken Light Bulb Base Removal Hack
Date: 31 May 1995 22:48:29 -0500
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videogame ( wrote:

:   High School was boring, so I'd often volunteer to make photocopies for my
: teachers.  Now, we had the cheapest copiers, but one in particular had the
: ability to remember the last page copied.  (i.e. photocopy after the page
: was gone)  Sometimes when I went to make copies, I would print out the last
: page of the previous job.  Usually I just found garbage (busy work), but
: once I found a copy of a major test I would be taking the next day.  And I
: tore it up and threw it away without reading through it.  And that was the
: hack..  :)


about 9 years ago, I worked at a very small company where we had this
weird little Unix box/terminals arrangement.  late one night, I needed
to print to the laser printer, but some task kept filling up the printer's
buffer, and doing nothing.  I decided I would unplug the printer, and
plug it into the Epson to let me drain the task of whatever was screwing
up the laser printer.  I figured I could fill the buffer, cycle the
printer's power, and repeat until empty.  Instead, when I plugged it into
the Epson, the Epson started spitting out a graphics dump of my boss'es
1040 form.  The hack was when I shredded it up without reading it.

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