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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Is your Radio Shack like this?

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From: (Chuck Cochems)
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Subject: Re: Is your Radio Shack like this?
Date: 1 Jun 1995 05:15:35 -0500
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In <> (Ricochet) writes:

>Going into the bin of little red 9v batteries and sticking a few together
>and hiding them around the store. BURN! BURN! heh-heh.  Works as a hand
>warmer in winter too.

This must have been before Radio Shacks vame standard with cameras up the
wazoo.  Those little Radio SHacks in malls come standard with cameras
everywhere.  Of course, they don't want you to know that.  The will just
get you later if you shoplift anything.  I didn't find out the hard way,
but if you are anywhere the employees can't see you pocket an item, there
is a camera pointed at you.  The "nice demo video camcorder that is
in some
does the job, but most are hidden in the bubbles, and some in other odd
places.  Quite difficult to spot.  The monitors and recording system are
in the little back room that's always in Radio SHacks.

Dang it, now I need an

Ob(C=64)Hack:  sucessfully making a version of MULE that ran of a tape
>from  the disk version I had, so I could run it on the C64S emulator and
have it load fast.  Tape images always load in one second at most,
whearas disk images load about 8 times as fast as on a real c64.  So I
liked tape images better.. :)

It will also work on a real C64 if you have hardwired a reset button, but
it's faster to use the disk version there.

It involves a cracked version seen at an emulator site that has an ML
loader that loads into BASIC.  You simply put the loader, the first part,
the loader again, and the second part on the tape image, and reset with
Ctrl-Alt-Insert when it hangs, and press shift/Tab on the PC and it loads
part II in one second (from a hard drive, anyway..)
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