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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: "Hackers", the movie

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Subject: Re: "Hackers", the movie
Date: 17 Sep 1995 23:15:17 -0700
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In article <43ioau$rji@sphinx.Gsu.EDU>,
Michael D. Ivey <stdmdix@gsusgi2.Gsu.EDU> wrote:
>I was trying to re-compile my kernel, to try out 1.3.15, and spent all
>day running gcc and getting the whole thing compiled, (playing X-Com while
>I did, on another machine, of course....) So, when I tried to install said
>all-day-compiled-kernel, viola!  lilo says 'Kernel too big.' So, I tried
>for a few more hours, using various remakes luck.

Well, apparantely, most of the 1.3.x kernels up until 1.3.25 (I think) have
kernel profiling turned on by default.  This makes your kernel bigger by
about 500k. You might want to get a newer 1.3 (1.3.27 is the latest).


Did this one today:

One of the windows my 1975 Plymouth Valiant (the driver's of course) decided
that it would not roll up any more.  So, after a couple of weeks of this (it
hadn't rained), I decided to fix it.  It turned out that all the tines had
broken off the little plastic grommett that held the glass in and it had
fallen out.

So, after calling the Chrysler dealership and finding out that they didn't
have the part (being 20 years old and all), and that they might not be able
to get it, I decided to use something else.  So, a nut and bolt and a couple
of washers later, it was better than new.


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