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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: "Hackers", the movie

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From: markr@taipan (Mark Richer)
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Subject: Re: "Hackers", the movie
Date: 20 Sep 1995 01:15:05 GMT
Organization: New Mexico State University
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John Nagle ( wrote:
:       Just saw "Hackers", the movie.  It's about as close
to reality
: as "Ghostbusters".  Fun, but very, very light.

Well, I suppose the cyberbabe was sorta cute, but aside from that the movie was
total joke. I mean, the thing was geared towards illiterate 7th graders.

And what's the deal with this new stream of "internet" movies? People
hacking straight into the FBI database and altering records on a regular
basis. It's so ridiculous I can barely get up the energy to laugh.


Win 95 Easter Egg #1

All the text has to be entered exactly as shown!

Create a new folder on your desktop called (Without the quotes):
	"and now, the moment you've all been waiting for"
Then, rename the folder to:
	"we proudly present for your viewing pleasure"
Then, rename the folder to:
	"The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!"
Then double click to open the folder, the demo should start.

(pretty lame)

Egg #2 (Well, at least a nasty prank)

Click on the start button
Enter "ALT -" (Alt key and the minus key)
Hit close on the pop-up dialog
Your start button is now gone!

(Use ALT-F4 to bring up the logoff screen, then relogon as yourself to

Mark R

(thanks sean)


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