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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Headers - (Was Re: First time - this better work)

Article: 8883 of alt.hackers
From: (William Robert Night)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: Headers - (Was Re: First time - this better work)
Date: 18 Oct 1995 15:15:17 GMT
Organization: Wimsey Information Services
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Steve Holiman ( wrote:
: Andy Welch ( wrote:

: : Mainly cos I HATE vi, which tin uses as it's text editor. (Yeah I'm NOT a
: : UNIX guru... sorry, but I'm learnin g)

: Tin normally uses whatever you have set up as your default editor.  I
: also prefer not to fight with vi for something as simple as news.  On my
: home system (I make _no_ assumptions for yours) my settings are in a
: hidden file in my home directory called ".profile" - change
your default
: editor to something friendly like pico (yes, I use pine for email) and
: next time you log in you're in business.  Oh, better go to your .tin
: directory and edit tinrc and set start_offset=off; vi lets tin set the
: cursor position in the command line call to vi and so far I haven't
: figured out if pico will do the same (looks doubtful).

Yup, set_default_editor=pico +%N %F

Put that in your tinrc file (or, edit the line that is already there) and
it'll start up in pico at the proper position (just under the headers.)

: ObHack

: I had a client who moved his business a while back and had an old program
: with his name and address encrypted in the program as copy protection.
: This old address printed on all output and since the company which
: produced the software was out of business there was no support or upgrade
: available.

Similar ObHack...

I was doing some setup work on a PC at a new bussiness... The owner asked
me to help him use an accounting program (Yah, great... expected to know
how to use a package I'd never seen before) and mentioned that he used it
for one company that went out of bussiness and he had to pay the author
to change the registration info (around $600C) and that he thought the
guy was a bit of a jerk... Well, I used strings (I carry a util disk with
me) and had a look through the non-data files and lo and behold, I found
the name of the old company still imprinted... Well, after trying to pipe
the file to a printer for a while (every 2nd char was a pagefeed) my
friend who was watching over my should suggested I use Print Screen
(Dunno why I didn't think of that) and we printed out the section of the
file with the incriminating info in it and gave it to the owner who
took it and waved it in the face of the crook who said that he was
selling him a new version and really just pocketed the money. That was
good for a bit of a cash bonus! :)


Making a 4dos alias that will quit out of a subshell when I type Ctrl-D...

Not a big deal, but it saves a few keystrokes. (Which is why you get 4Dos
in the first place)

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