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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: calculator hack

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Subject: Re: calculator hack
Date: 18 Oct 1995 16:43:24 GMT
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In article <45n7ks$>,
(Tequila) says:
>OBCalculatorHack: OK, I'm sure some of you hace Texas Instruments
>calculators. Well the TI-85 has a great basic like programming language.
>The hack comes in when I programmed a 4 paddle pong. Yeah, like the
>original video game pong. It's not so addictive without the little
>"beep", but it gets me through class!
Well that must have been slow.

ObHackOne: Getting this to post - I had to use the worst news reader
i had.
	I also have a cool graphics calculator (CASIO) but with a
PC link-up capability. So with a couple of bread boards and and a
small transmitter and reciver, and of cource D/A and resirtors etc.
Anyway i got a sort of serial port transmiter - which i could transmit
anything over from my PC. Cool that was good i could almost get 5m in
an open space. But if i could miniturise it it could be straped to your
chest with stikky tape and a wire leading down you arm. So when the
teacher wipes the mem than it could just be sceduled to transmit - you
slyly put the phono plug in the calc and hey presto - Yo have your mem

BTW: Can anyone help me with tring to get a shell acount:
	I have a PPP one - but you get a Service: prompt and you can enter:
	SLIP, PPP, PASSWD, or MAIL - when you enter MAIL you get:
	Username: , Password: ,?
	YEH you can enter !csh and get a unic prompt - but your user name
is <POPUSER>-<USER> and home dir is /etc/pop. What i was wanting
is just
to get a % (or preferably #) prompt as soon as i login then i can type
PPP.connect to get ppp.



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