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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Hacker FAQ (please comment and help fix)

Article: 7703 of alt.hackers
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From: (Joshua Goodall)
Subject: Re: Hacker FAQ (please comment and help fix)
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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 21:09:38 +0000
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In article <3ndig4$>
  "Michael Lea" writes:

> In article <>,
> Gary D. Robson <> wrote:
> >If they had said "if your A: drive is 5-1/4", do
this...", I would have
> >been happy.  Having them ignore the issue and force me to tear open my
> >computer isn't a reasonable solution.
> As a "hacker", you shy away from tearing open your machine?

No hacker should have a problem opening up the machine. However, an end
user would not *know* to open up the machine to install commercial
software. Gary Robson is correct; this is not a reasonable solution.This is
not even a hack; It is a *KLUDGE*.

When my ARM3 system changes screen mode to certain resolutions (esp. those
used by games) the monitor has trouble locking on to the sync. pulses from
the VIDC chip. The monitor is SVGA but the computer has to be told that it
is Multisync for 1024x768. So I wrote a little assembler module that sits
above the RISCOS kernel and modifies the stored hardware configuration before
allowing the mode change request to be passed through. The monitor relays
click more often when I change mode but at least I can see what's there...

Joshua Goodall                         
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