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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: How can I deal with a food stealer?

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From: (Rob McKeever)
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Subject: Re: How can I deal with a food stealer?
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 17:18:10 -0800
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In article <3i6gnb$>, (Hammond
Andrew) wrote:

> Eric Hietala ( thoughtfully declared:
> : Subject: How can I deal with a food stealer?

[...] (for bandwidth generosity...)

> : else's food?  Do you know of commonly available substances that could be
> : used in small quantities to induce 1) vomiting 2) diarrhea 3) other
> : memorable discomfort?  Or other ways to deal with this.  I have already
> : started to spit in some of my food; it helps a little.

A friend of the family had a similar problem several years ago.  The easiest
way I can think of to cause diarrhea is to add a small amount of either
phyenothaliene (as Hammond mentioned below) or some sort of anti-biotic
agent that's known to kill off intestinal bacteria (the pill book is a
great source of info, especially the side-effects sections :-) -- just be
careful to avoid penecillin and it's derivatives as well as anything with
a sulfa base (in case of allergies).

(Remember - always verify the toxicity levels and effects of any chemicals
your considering yourself before attempting to poison, er, trick, them.
Safety first!)

> : I have heard that if one eats a small amount (how much?) of excrement
> : contains E.coli?), that it can cause diarrhea.  Is this true?  I should
> : check alt.folklore, perhaps.

Personally, I doubt it.  Probably would make you feel rather sick though.

> ObFoodStealerMindF*ckHack:
>         The beauty of this hack is not in it's immediate effect, but in
> it's more subtle, mind wraping nature.  Heres the chemistry:
> phyenolthaliene (sp?) is an acid/base indicator.  It does not have any
> really hideous effect on the human body (in small doses), except for
> causing diareah sometimes (not to strong... ).  However, it does have one
> VERY interesting property...  It turns the urine of any who consumes it
> pink.

A personal friend of mine related to me the story of when he used to work
at a chemical supply house.  One of his coworkers had been advised to
monitor the color of his urine due to some (unknown to me) medical
condition.  Some the this unlucky fellows 'friends' decided to add
something that I think was called "Nestor's Regent" (or something
that) to the water in the toilet bowl and then wait for him to use it.
Upon contact with the ammonia in his urine, it began it's color change
sequence: covered most of the rainbow in a semi-mixed up order.

I understand the guy didn't even hang around long enough for everyone to
tell him it was a joke before rushing off to his doctor.

(NOTE: I have no idea as to the toxicity of this substance when
injested... would be cool if it worked that way too)

OBHACK: hmmm.. tough one... let me think...
discovering much to my delight that JVC builds their Hi-Fi VCRs with a
jumper between the tuner section and the on-screen menus/record circuitry
wich allowed me the add a sync stabilizer/inverter to the baseband video,
maintain use of the internal tuner, and get around having to try to bypass
the signal detector that sticks up that annoying blue screen and mutes the
audio when the signal is non-existant/scrambled/really weak...

(sorry, couldn't think of much better...)


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