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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: "Hackers", the movie (*RANT!*)

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Subject: Re: "Hackers", the movie (*RANT!*)
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>BTW - I know you said not to, but i have to ask - howdja get a 386dx80?
>I have a 386dx33 that gets a whole 2.5 bogoMIPS, and since it's my network
>router (and runs email, web server, ftp server, possibly a mud, etc... :)
>I'd like to up the performance anyway I can (already bumped up the
>memory :).
I don't think you can bump the performance THAT much. If you have Phoenix or
AMI-BIOS motherboards or some other (I don't remember what manufacturers;
check your motherboard manual), you can bump up to 40MHz just by changing
a jumper. Be careful, if you change a wrong jumper (that sometimes is riught
next to the one you need) you can send higher current to your CPU and fry it.

If you still want to try 80MHz you will have to find an 80MHz crystal and
solder it in place of your 25/33/40 MHz crystal (yes, one crystal does all
three frequencies, depending on level of one of the inputs). Also, get
or make a water cooling system - your chip will be hot enpugh to make coffee

>Now, this jukebox had been sitting on a wheeled platform, to make
>moving it around easier.  While looking at it, I realized that when
>the jukebox sat on this platform, it leaned to one side, just a little
>bit.  So, when the robot arm assumed it was horizontally level, it
>wasn't lined up right with the internal drive, and as such couldn't
>mount/unmount platters.  Took the jukebox off the platform, and it's
>performed flawlessly ever since :)
Familiar picture... had this happen to a CD-ROM drive. But, the problem was
that the floor was slanted, and I had to build a stand that would make it

(1) Installing Linux... Even though my slackware disks worked perfectly and
it (even) recognized my CD-ROM, soundcard and everything during install,
it stopped reading the CD as soon asit was installed. Finnally, I tried
to mount all devices tha tI had, and VOILA, the CD-ROM was found on /dev/hdb2
(it started out as /dev/hdc...)

(2) Figuring out what video card I have... I have an on-board video with
2 MB of ram and shit, but Linux refused to recognize it. So I went, opened
my machine (a Packard Bell -arrrgh) up and found a 'proprietary' chipset
that was apparently not compatible with anything. After a while, I jsut
wrote down cihp numbers and manufacturers, and found from a catalog in
a repair shop that these chips actually belonged to a Diamond card (either
Stealth or Viper, I don't remember). I tried configuring X with my new
settings and it worked flawlessly!

>I know, not the greatest hack, but my memory sucks.  I'm going to
>have to start posting them as I do them, rather than waiting for a
>good reason (though, the Hack it'self is a good enough reason, no? :).


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