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ACA ruled unconstitutional

The ACA (Obamacare) has been ruled unconstitutional. Keep in mind that the law is still valid; there is still one day of open enrollment left as I type this. [Read more]

Remembering the first Bush

Yesterday, the first George Bush president died. I share my memories of that time in my life. [Read more]


Deadwood 3.2.13 released

I have released Deadwood 3.2.13. Nothing in the server has changed; only the testing framework has been updated [Read more]

Healthcare is here to stay

Yesterday’s election firmly establishes that politicians can no longer try to take away health care in the USA. [Read more]


The 5 best 1990s songs

Here are my favorite five songs from the 1990s. [Read more]


Landing on the moon

This blog is about why we landed on the moon in 1969, and why it is many people who remember it are upset that the new Ryan Gosling movie doesn’t show the US Flag on the moon. [Read more]


MaraDNS 2.0.16 released

I have released MaraDNS 2.0.16. This is a very minor security update. [Read more]

Password security

This blog is about making secure password for websites. [Read more]


Mango Naked Juice

I sometimes enjoy a Naked Juice Mango Smoothie. This particular juice has a strong memory for me. [Read more]


On Résumés

I discuss the format to have a résumé in, and the fonts to use. [Read more]


Configuration files

This blog is about some ways of formatting configuration files. [Read more]


My new job

I have a new job. I also look at how my old MaraDNS code is still notable. [Read more]


Phasing out email

I no longer have a link to my email address on my web page. [Read more]


Nolan Bushnell; MaraDNS

This blog is about Nolan Bushnell and a new MaraDNS release. [Read more]


The ThinkPad T480

I look at the new Lenovo ThinkPad T480 laptop computer. [Read more]


Font Update

I have updated the font on my websites. [Read more]


November 2017 round up

I discuss a MaraDNS update and Roy Moore. [Read more]

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