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Richard Feynman

I discuss Richard Feynman and his legacy. [Read more]

November round up

I discuss my MaraDNS plans, getting good service at the local DMV, politics, and debunk some “facts” about female sexuality making the rounds in some places on the Internet. [Read more]


October roundup #2

I have released MaraDNS 3.4.01, discuss the updated search boxes, remember Flash websites not-so-fondly, and go over issues with buying some products on Amazon. [Read more]

October round-up

I discuss a new MaraDNS release, RMS being fired, and installing CentOS 8 inside a VMware virtual machine. [Read more]


September 11

Some thoughts on September 11 [Read more]


August round-up

This blog is a collection of thoughts I have had in August of 2019. [Read more]


July round-up

Some thoughts I have posted in July of 2019. [Read more]


June 2019 roundup

This blog is various thoughts I have had in June of 2019. [Read more]


New album coming out

This blog is about my new album which is coming out. [Read more]


Deadwood 3.3.03 released

This is just a note that I released Deadwood 3.3.03 earlier this month. [Read more]


March 2019 round up

In this blog, I discuss DNS security and my open source work this month (both with MaraDNS and with my Prosperity 7 Puzzles). [Read more]


Deadwood 3.3.02

I have released Deadwood 3.3.02, a new development unstable update to MaraDNS’s recursive resolver. [Read more]

MaraDNS update

I have released Deadwood 3.3.01, which implements a feature users have wanted for years. [Read more]


MaraDNS 2.0.17 released

I have updated both MaraDNS and Deadwood in today’s release of MaraDNS. This is a bugfix-only release; no security updates were made. [Read more]

Hello 2019!

I have released Deadwood 3.2.14, discuss working on MaraDNS again, and explain why Lenovo is not releasing a Thinkpad T490 laptop right now. [Read more]


ACA ruled unconstitutional

The ACA (Obamacare) has been ruled unconstitutional. Keep in mind that the law is still valid; there is still one day of open enrollment left as I type this. [Read more]

Remembering the first Bush

Yesterday, the first George Bush president died. I share my memories of that time in my life. [Read more]

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