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March 2015

Love live the Netbook

A couple of years ago, I lamented the end of Intel-Atom based netbooks. I had spoken too soon. [Read more]

More King v. Burwell & Star Trek

Here are some other predictions for King v. Burwell, and reviews for four Star Trek episodes. [Read more]

King v. Burwell; Star Trek

In today’s blog, I explain why I think King v. Burwell will be ruled for the government (Obamacare will not be affected), and review three classic 1960s Star Trek episodes. [Read more]

February 2015

King v. Burwell: Vogon Logic

In order to accept the logic opposing ACA subsidies put forth in King v. Burwell, you would have to be a Vogon. Let me explain. [Read more]


Last Thursday, the Internet’s daily two minutes hate was directed towards Lenovo because they have installed a piece of adware on their more inexpensive computers called “Superfish.” [Read more]

Thinkpad mouse buttons

Now that Lenovo has restored the mouse buttons for trackpoint users in their 2015 lineup, I am listing the models currently available for sale with trackpoint mouse buttons. [Read more]

Don’t mix CNAMES

This blog discusses a possible issue with how Deadwood (MaraDNS) resolves a corner case which violates the Internet standards. [Read more]

Goodbye Radio Shack

Now that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, here is my eulogy for the store. [Read more]

January 2015

MaraDNS hotfix

Because the new NS tarpit security code did not always perform bounds checking, I have made a new hotfix release of MaraDNS and Deadwood. [Read more]

MaraDNS security update

I have made three MaraDNS and Deadwood releases with an important security update. [Read more]

December 2014

MaraDNS update

I have fixed two bugs in Deadwood, and am making a statement about CERT vulnerability VU#264212 (Summary: MaraDNS might be vulnerable; updated download available) [Read more]

November 2014

The 2014 midterms

As a whole, Democrats did a lot better than they did in 2010, when they lost 63 seats in the house. Democrats only lost about seven or eight house seats this time around. In terms of the senate, this isn’t some mandate for Republican politics — this was a midterm election where a lot more red states than blue states had seats up for grabs. [Read more]

October 2014

MaraDNS support update

Why I have stopped using MyBB, and how to now get MaraDNS support. [Read more]

September 2014

Best 80s Music

January 2015 update: Edgar Froese, front man of Tangerine Dream, whose song Love on a Real Train is listed here, has passed away. He once said that “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.” How very true. [Read more]

August 2014

People like the ACA

The fact of the matter is this: People like the ACA (Obamacare). The survey released by the Kaiser Foundation saying otherwise is invalid. I explain why. [Read more]

July 2014

Women against feminism

I look at what modern feminism has become and why women in droves are railing against it. But, let’s first start with some... [Read more]

PT Sans and PT Serif

In today’s blog, I give PT Serif and to a lesser extent PT Sans a more full review. Summary: While a very good font, I feel Charter is an even better font. [Read more]

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