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April 2014

The “Heartbleed” bug

I briefly discuss the “Heartbleed” bug, and why my https certificate key has changed. [Read more]

March 2014

Postfix + Mailman in CentOS 6

This blog describes how I have configured Postfix to work in CentOS 6 to receive email, and how I set up Mailman. It includes information on getting Nginx to display Mailman's web interface. [Read more]

Gravity: A review

I finally had a chance to see "Gravity" last night ... a local big-screen theater is temporarily showing it again on one of their screens in wake of its impressive performance at the Oscars and Golden Globes. [Read more]

February 2014

MaraDNS security update

Today, I celebrate my anniversary with my wife, release a MaraDNS security update, and post a couple links given to me in private email. [Read more]

MaraDNS on GitHub

There has been some talk about setting up a repository for MaraDNS. I have now made it so: MaraDNS is available on GitHub. [Read more]

January 2014

Returning to Fresno

I lived in Fresno for three years to get my degree in Computational Linguistics. I had to return there one last time. [Read more]

Microblogs January 2014

Here are the microblogs I posted between January 8 and 22, 2014. [Read more]

MaraDNS 2.0.08

I have released MaraDNS 2.0.08: [Read more]

Microblogs 2013-2014

Here are my microblogs from mid-2013 until January 8, 2014. [Read more]

2014 goals

This blog looks at some of my goals for 2014. [Read more]

December 2013

2013 in review

2013 was a good year in a lot of ways. Here are my personal accomplishments for this year: [Read more]

Deadwood 3.2.04 released

I have released Deadwood 3.2.04. This has, compared to Deadwood 3.2.03 (released a year ago), a number of bug fixes and one security update. [Read more]

New Cousine/MSYS font

I have converted the 7x14 version of the misc-fixed bitmap font to a Windows-compatible version that both PuTTY and MSYS can use. [Read more]

More font updates

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was having technical problems with the Windows bitmap conversion of WTerm, forcing me to rename the font WTm. I have fixed this problem. I also discuss the Cousine font losing its delta hinting. [Read more]

Better fonts for MSYS

I discuss how to get better looking fonts for Microsoft Windows and MSYS. [Read more]

MaraDNS Update

I have updated MaraDNS’ snapshot release to use Deadwood 3.2.03d, which has an important security update. [Read more]

Using Crissic

I have been having a lot of problems with AlienVPS -- the only active node I have when them went offline Saturday and they have been ignoring my support ticket about the issue (as well as my tweet) -- so I opened up a node with Crissic. [Read more]

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