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July 2017

My job search

This blog is about what it my most recent job search was like, and some of what I had to put up with to get my new job. [Read more]

June 2017

MaraDNS 2.0.14 release

MaraDNS 2.0.14 has been released today. This is a non-security bugfix release. [Read more]

May 2017

RIP Robert Miles

This is a story of how the musician Robert Miles, who just passed away, brought me joy in a very dark time in my life. [Read more]

April 2017

Trumpcare’s defeat

This blog is about “Trumpcare”, the fact that CDs give perfect sound, and more about my DEH-X1900UB car stereo. [Read more]

March 2017

Cakewalk Sonar

I have purchased Cakewalk Sonar and will slowly make the transition away from hardware and towards software. However, a note about Sonar’s copy protection. [Read more]

February 2017


It’s the economy, stupid. Let me explain. [Read more]

January 2017

Pioneer DEH-X1900UB

I review my new Pioneer DEH-X1900UB car stereo, and give a 2017 roadmap for MaraDNS. [Read more]

December 2016

“Ocean Path” album released

I have released my “Ocean Path” CD on Bandcamp and as a physical replicated CD. Also, some minor MaraDNS updates. [Read more]

November 2016

Why the polls were wrong

Why did the polls get the 2016 presidential election results so wrong? [Read more]

October 2016

Trump is toast

In light of yesterday’s leaked audio of Trump saying some very crude and derogatory things about women, his political career is over. [Read more]

September 2016

Album: Almost done

An update on my album project, the Star Trek movies, and a note on something I wrote on my Facebook back in 2010. [Read more]

August 2016

Christianity and bigotry

I originally wrote this right after the Orlando nightclub shooting, where a madman killed a large number of gay people. I talk about the sin of using “Christianity” to justify intolerance. [Read more]

July 2016

New single released

I have released a new single this month. Also, some thoughts on current events and MaraDNS. [Read more]

June 2016

The primary is over

Now that the Democratic primary is over, my thoughts on how it went and a revised prediction for the November 8 election. [Read more]

May 2016

Making music

This blog is about making music: Vinyl or CD, Bandcamp, and my up and coming album. [Read more]

April 2016

RIP Prince and George Martin

This blog is a tribute to Prince, who died today, and to George Martin, who died on March 8. [Read more]

March 2016

Super Tuesday

After the Super Tuesday results, I have revised my presidential election prediction. [Read more]

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