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January 2016

Winter NAMM 2016

This blog is about this year’s winter National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, and the synthesizers introduced there. I also have my first prediction for the 2016 presidential election. [Read more]

December 2015

Removing MaraDNS’ ads

This blog is about why I removed the ads from and, and an issue I had restoring Windows 7 on my Lenovo Thinkpad. [Read more]

November 2015

Round up

This blog is a quick round-up for November of 2015. [Read more]

October 2015

MaraDNS update, making music

In this blog, I discuss making music again and a MaraDNS update. [Read more]

September 2015

Welcome to September

Welcome to September of 2015, everyone. I discuss gay marriage, keeping my camera with a phone secure, the Sad Puppes Hugo fiasco, and a very minor MaraDNS security bug. [Read more]

August 2015

MaraDNS 2.0.12

I have released MaraDNS 2.0.12 to fix a security bug in the zoneserver daemon. All users are encouraged to update to this version of MaraDNS. [Read more]

July 2015

God is Not a Bigot

God is not a bigot. I will explain why, using scripture. [Read more]

June 2015

MaraDNS 1 plans

I explain why I am going to keep a MaraDNS 1 download on MaraDNS’s webpage after its end of life. And, oh, I have made a minor ObHack update. [Read more]

May 2015

MaraDNS, GPG, and trust

In today’s blog, I remind people to stop using MaraDNS 1, and discuss how to use GnuPG to verify that releases of MaraDNS are legitimate. [Read more]

April 2015

The Roland TB-303

There is only one time in my life that I saw a real Roland TB-303 synthesizer. [Read more]

March 2015

Love live the Netbook

A couple of years ago, I lamented the end of Intel-Atom based netbooks. I had spoken too soon. [Read more]

More King v. Burwell & Star Trek

Here are some other predictions for King v. Burwell, and reviews for four Star Trek episodes. [Read more]

King v. Burwell; Star Trek

In today’s blog, I explain why I think King v. Burwell will be ruled for the government (Obamacare will not be affected), and review three classic 1960s Star Trek episodes. [Read more]

February 2015

King v. Burwell: Vogon Logic

In order to accept the logic opposing ACA subsidies put forth in King v. Burwell, you would have to be a Vogon. Let me explain. [Read more]


Last Thursday, the Internet’s daily two minutes hate was directed towards Lenovo because they have installed a piece of adware on their more inexpensive computers called “Superfish.” [Read more]

Thinkpad mouse buttons

Now that Lenovo has restored the mouse buttons for trackpoint users in their 2015 lineup, I am listing the models currently available for sale with trackpoint mouse buttons. [Read more]

Don’t mix CNAMES

This blog discusses a possible issue with how Deadwood (MaraDNS) resolves a corner case which violates the Internet standards. [Read more]

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