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Frequently sent emails

Here are some frequently sent emails people send me:

Why do you require consent to publish my email before I can get your email address

Because of how my blog is set up, comments are sent to me via email, which I then put on my webpage.

Non-inflammatory and non-spam mail which should be kept private will be kept confidental.

I sent you an email to an old address in my addressbook, and it didn’t work

On June 12, 2011, I updated my email system. Mails using older email addresses are discarded, unread.

I don’t care what you say, I want private MaraDNS email support

Private email support is not available for MaraDNS. Sorry.

I think I found a bug in MaraDNS

Post it on the MaraDNS support forum.

I think I found a security problem in MaraDNS

It’s not a security report unless it’s something which can have a CVE identifier. If you don’t know what that is, it’s not a security report.

I need help with my AES (or finite field or Rijndael) homework!

I will not do your homework for you. Information about AES/Rijndael is here:

I have an ObHack bug report (or feature request or support concern)

I no longer maintain nor support ObHack. Support for ObHack may or may not be found here:

I have a bug report (or feature request or support concern) for ChessV

Try and find Greg Strong and contact him. He is responsible for ChessV, not me. I host ChessV only as a courtesy.

Please note that ChessV does not compile using GCC; you will have to use a Microsoft compiler.

I have a bug report (or feature request or support concern) about any of the other programs you have written

The only software I support — and only to a very limited extent — is MaraDNS/Deadwood. You are free to modify my programs and distribute them if you wish to. If you want to become the formal maintainer of any of my unsupported software, let me know.

The tone of this FAQ is a little harsh

Yes, it is. There is no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL). With a baby to take care of, I no longer have free time to service random people on the Internet who do not pay me.

How much do you charge for putting ads on your websites

The fee for a simple text-based ad on is $50 per month. Text ads for are currently not for sale. This fee is paid by sending money to my PayPal account; the text ad will be placed after 100% of the first month’s fee is paid. This fee is to be paid in full one week before the first day of the month when the text ad appears. The fee is not prorated; if you wish a text-based ad to be placed immediately, you must pay for the entire month.

Please allow up to seven calendar days for a given text ad request to be processed.

Multiple months can be paid for, but fractional months are not allowed (I would just pocket the extra money). There is a 10% discount if you pay for an entire year's worth of text-based ads.

Simple text-based ads will, unless otherwise specified, be placed at the top of the content area of the “portal” (index.html) page before my main content and separated from my content with a <hr> HTML tag. Ads may be placed elsewhere, but the same rate applies and the ad will be separated from content with one or two <hr> HTML tags. Text based ads can include links, but the only other markup allowed is italics.

All text-based ads must be approved by me before being placed on my site; any changes to text-based ads are subject to prior approval. Text ads for pornography or advocating any illegal activity (as per US law) will not be accepted. Fees paid for rejected text ads are non-refundable.

These terms are not negotiable. Thank you for your understanding.