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My email address is as follows:
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Note: I do not answer MaraDNS (including Deadwood) support requests sent by private email. Please file a GitHub issue instead.

Note also: By sending me email, you (as well as anyone who you share my email with) have consented to me posting your email on my webpage, either with or without editing. Reasonable technical measures have been made to ensure that my email is only visible to people who actively consent to this; overriding these measures does not invalidate that.

MaraDNS security vulnerability reports will be dealt with without charge and kept confidential. If you don’t know what a CVE identifier is, then, no, your email is not a security report—it is not a security report unless you’ve done due diligence to determine how the security bug you think you found can reasonably be exploited.

Note also: Please read my list of frequently sent emails and my replies to them before sending me an email.

For people who need to send me encrypted communication, my PGP/GPG key is here. Please note that I will not bother to decrypt messages unless I already know the sender of the encrypted message.