Another take on Nexuiz for netbooks

This isn't the first Nexuiz remix for netbooks out there. There is also Nexuiz remix (local mirror), as well as Darn small Nexuiz.

The advantage of this remix is that it has all of Nexuiz's graphics intact. This particular remix of Nexuiz is based on Nexuiz 2.3, which has better performance on slower hardware than newer versions of Nexuiz, with the number of maps and models reduced to a minimum. All of the textures used in the maps available are still present.

Playing a 1-on-1 deathmatch game against one robot, I usually get (at 800x600) about 60 frames per second, with it only rarely going down to 20 or 30 FPS on an Intel Atom N455 system with the underpowered GMA 3150 chipset using fairly low settings.

The file can be downloaded here (50 meg download); the source code is included with the full Nexuiz 2.3, which I have made a copy of here (300 meg download).