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1280851   May-09-2021 C-evo-1.2-mostly-tiny-23-36.7z
3669190   May-23-2020 C-evo-samiam-2020.7z
1280851   May-09-2021 C-evo-samiam-2021.7z
226690    Apr-19-2013 cevosrc-1.2-samiam.7z
Directory Mar-10-2018 diff
386       Jan-30-2016 mapsize.c
Directory May-23-2020 old
Directory Jan-15-2014 stock

C-evo-1.2-samiam-*.7z: C-evo 1.2 with the following changes:
  • Seti AI added
  • Large tileset removed
  • Dialog that set tileset size now enables/disables fog of war screen
  • Pattern of fog of war screen is now three thin vertical bars in each tile instead of a mesh
  • Random map sizes changed
  • Bug when compiling in Delphi 5 with map thumbnail fixed
  • Maps directory now in C-evo/Maps, not under AppData
  • Caulixtla map added
  • Tutorial and HOWTO added
  • map_gen random map generator added

For 2021, to reduce size to 1.2 megs:

  • Seti AI removed
  • map_gen map generator removed
  • Some graphics made black and white or monochromatic to reduce size (game is still mostly in full color)
  • Sounds reduced to 12 different ones (sounds now only take around 50k)

C-evo-1.2-samiam-medium: Sounds reduced in size
C-evo-1.2-samiam-small: Sounds reduced in size; graphics made smaller
C-evo-1.2-samiam-smaller: Sounds reduced in size; Seti AI removed; most pre-made maps removed; graphics made smaller
C-evo-1.2-samiam-tiny: Sounds removed; Seti AI removed; most pre-made maps removed; graphics made smaller
C-evo-1.2-samiam-*-23-36: One map size changed

C-evo-1.2-samiam-smalltextures.7z: The textures for the various eras (ancient, Science, mass production, space age, supervisor) have been made smaller.

cevosrc-1.2-samiam.7z: Delphi Source code of modified C-evo 1.2

diff: A detailed look at all of my changes, relative to Steffen’s stock 1.2 release, to the C-evo source code.

old: Older releases of C-evo-1.2-samiam

stock: Steffen’s stock C-evo 1.2 release

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