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C-evo-samiam 2013 changes

Compared to the early 2010 C-evo-samiam, the following changes have been made to C-evo 2013:

  • Smallest map size increased from 20x20 to 30x20, so that the map can be played on a 1920x1080 HD display without problem.
  • “Fog of war” pattern changed to be just three thin vertical bars per tile.
  • Nation border pattern updated to include black lines so it can always be clearly seen
  • New map added: Caulixtla. This is a C-evo conversion of a map generated with Civilization 4’s third-party “Perfect World” map script.
  • Fanfare (diplomacy) sound disabled since Seti has an annoying way of sending emissaries every single turn. Can be re-enabled with simple filename change.
  • Instead of having the Seti AI and the tech tree image in separate files, all C-evo related files are now in two floppy-disk-sized files.

The version of C-evo used is still 1.1.1 because:

  • C-evo 1.2 mandates that we see fog of war all of the time; this was user-settable in C-evo 1.1.1
  • C-evo 1.2 now has 96x48 graphics, which greatly increase the size of the C-evo files (we would now need three instead of two floppies :)
  • Maps are now stored in AppData instead of the same folder as C-evo. This makes a “one folder” installation no longer possible.

The older 2010 release made these changes relative to stock C-evo 1.1.1:

  • Netbook “F9” rendering bug fixed
  • Map sizes changed: Smallest map made smaller; other maps except largest have a correct surface area ratio. World is pi*r units high, 4*r units wide (giving us the spherical surface area of 4*pi*r^2)
  • Highest possible maximum year greatly increased to effectively remove the time limit
  • Tutorial and HOWTO added.
  • Four maps added: Treasure island from the TF (total fairness) series; a small 1-player map; a tiny 3-player map; and the tutorial map.
  • Nation2.bmp altered to make the Mongo tribe have less bright cities.
  • Texture2.jpg (Science backdrop) altered to be more muted.