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MaraDNS and DKIM

I discuss a very technical issue for users of my MaraDNS server: How to have DKIM records in MaraDNS. [Read more] (2021-07-16)


My Karen Story

Now that decades have passed, I can finally tell my Karen story and its aftermath. [Read more] (2021-06-06)

Pride Month

In celebration of pride month, I talk about how watching the gay community struggling with AIDS, back before we had effective HIV treatments, caused me to ultimately become a Lady Gaga fan. [Read more] (2021-06-02)

The Drumhead

I review the Star Trek episode The Drumhead, and talk about why it’s important to watch here in 2021. Also, another MaraDNS release. [Read more] (2021-06-01)


Dan Kaminsky

On April 23, Dan Kaminsky passed away. I write about how our lives crossed paths. [Read more] (2021-05-02)


The one true language

Lunacy is the one true programming language. April fools! [Read more] (2021-04-01)


Remembering Fry’s

Now that Fry’s is closed, I share some of my memories of this store. [Read more] (2021-03-08)


Online Chess

I list websites for playing Chess online. Also, MaraDNS 3.5.0018 was released a couple of months ago. [Read more] (2021-02-23)



What Trump did on January 6 was an insurrection attempt. Its goal was to overturn the democracy of the United States and replace it with a dictatorship. [Read more] (2021-01-16)


Moving to Ubuntu

This blog is about why I am changing the Linux distribution I use from CentOS to Ubuntu LTS. [Read more] (2020-12-12)


November round-up

In this blog, I look at how well I predicted the election, how the United States remains very conservative, and look at Big Finish’s Blake’s 7 audio plays. [Read more] (2020-11-28)

More predictions

Some more predictions for tomorrow’s election. [Read more] (2020-11-02)

2020 election prediction #5

I make a final prediction for the 2020 election. [Read more] (2020-11-01)


Grab bag: October 2020

I make another prediction of how the election will go, make an observation about Doctor Who, and mention another MaraDNS release. 402 words [Read more] (2020-10-25)

Election prediction #3

I make another prediction of how the election will go. 424 words [Read more] (2020-10-04)


Ginsburg’s passing

This blog is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, and the political effects of it. 302 words [Read more] (2020-09-18)

Election prediction #2

I post a second prediction for the 2020 election, and mention a new MaraDNS release. [Read more] (2020-09-02)


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