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MaraDNS outstanding bugs


February 7 2011

Here is my backlog of MaraDNS bugs to fix:
  • There is an issue with maradns handling ANY queries that result in a DNS packet larger than 512 bytes in size. MaraDNS does not give a proper "truncated" reply, and it appears the tcp "zoneserver" program can't resolve these names either.
  • "make install" does not appear to install Deadwood in MaraDNS 2.0
  • Add support for RFC2317-style reverse zone mapping
  • Add the hostname and/or domain when a DDIP MX record is seen
I currently do not have a time frame for when I will be able to look at these bugs. I would like to thank the MaraDNS community for patiently waiting to get these bugs fixed; people who need these bugs fixed more quickly are free to submit patches to the MaraDNS mailing list (I was able to integrate everything with a patch submitted in to the 2.0.02 release).

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