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MaraDNS update


July 8 2011

I have updated both MaraDNS and Deadwood today.

In today's snapshot of MaraDNS, I have fixed a bug MaraDNS 2.0 has had with binding to IPv6 addresses.

It can be downloaded here:
In today's snapshot of Deadwood, I have finished updating the tests to use Scientific Linux (SL) 6.0 as the underlying OS instead of CentOS/SL 5. I have also fixed a bug where synthetic "not there" replies did not generate completely correct DNS replies, as well as updating the example dwood3rc file to have an example of how to blacklist domains.

It can be downloaded here:
While the next day I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood would normally be two weeks from today, since JFC Morfin has very generously given me a small contribution, I am doing a little more MaraDNS development. Namely:
  • I have already updated the obsolete MaraDNS 1.0 branch to be current with respect to security holes. It can be downloaded at this location.
  • I will add documents detailing how to compile MaraDNS 2.0 in Windows using Mingw; this should be done next week sometime.
Since Deadwood now passes all of its SQA tests, I also plan on releasing Deadwood 3.0.03 two weeks from today: July 22, 2011.

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