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MaraDNS 2.0.03 released


August 5 2011

I have released MaraDNS 2.0.03 today. This incorporates six months' worth of bugfixes; read the changelog for details.

It can be downloaded here:
Now that I have released MaraDNS 2.0.03 (as well as the companion Deadwood 3.0.03), I am going to phase back how much unpaid support I give MaraDNS. Instead of working on MaraDNS once every two weeks without compensation, I will now work on MaraDNS once a month. Since today is August 5, my next scheduled day for unpaid MaraDNS work is going to be a month from today: Monday, September 5. The only exceptions to this will be the occasional comment on the mailing list, or any work needed to fix a critical security problem with MaraDNS.

That said, since JFC Morfin has very generously contributed to the MaraDNS cause every month, I plan on doing the following work with MaraDNS before September 5:

  • I will write up an essay on how to compile the older 1.4 branch of MaraDNS and post it here on the mailing list.
  • I will make sure "make install" does the right thing in Ubuntu 10.04 (their most recent long-term-support release), albeit in /usr/local

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