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Deadwood 3.0.05 released


November 10 2011

My funding drive for November 2011 has so far been very successful. Because of the generous donations from Bradley D. Thornton and AngelD, I will be able to release updates for Deadwood, MaraDNS 2.0, and MaraDNS 1.4 this month.

In the 3.0.04 release of Deadwood, I rewrote the code to handle reject_aaaa (a parameter that disables IPv6 lookups; useful for IPv4-only networks). The new code did not have the RA bit set; unfortunately, Linux's rather anal DNS stub resolver rejects replies with RA set, causing reject_aaaa and the new reject_ptr parameter (which disables reverse DNS lookups) to break resolution in Linux.

I have updated the code so that RA is now set when sending out an reject_aaaa or reject_ptr reply.

In addition, I have fixed the Windows release to have the mkSecretTxt.exe program (needed the first time Deadwood is run) again.

As an aside, if the Windows release complains there is a problem creating the Deadwood service, please ensure that the Deadwood service is stopped, and that the previous version of Deadwood is disabled with "Deadwood.exe --remove".

It can be downloaded here:
Again, thank you for your generous sponsorship. If the sponsorship continues next month, I will begin to implement split horizon DNS for MaraDNS. As always, please only give if you can readily afford to.

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