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MaraDNS update


November 11 2011

MaraDNS 1.4.07

Because of a very very generous donation from Nicholas Bamber, I was able to release MaraDNS 1.4.07 today. This is MaraDNS 1.4.06 with six different bug fixes backported from MaraDNS 2.0:
  • A typo fix for fetchzone
  • AXFR-over-UDP packets are now correctly marked "truncated"
  • It is now possible to have the '/' in hostnames
  • Fix for Debian bug #607739: Hostname shown when complaining about DDIP issues
  • AngelD's issue with zone transfers when there are a lot of FQDN4 records fixed.
  • Karim's issue with '/read' directive fixed
Please note that this is a legacy version of MaraDNS and is only for users of MaraDNS 1.x who are not ready to update to MaraDNS 2.0 yet.

It can be downloaded here:
Deadwood roadmap

Because of Nicholas' generous donation, I also plan to make a Deadwood 3.1 branch which will fully utilize caching of dangling CNAME records. Fixing this issue with Deadwood will help Deadwood more quickly resolve names in "Akamai hell" -- names which require chasing a lot of CNAME records to resolve.

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