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December 1 2011

MaraDNS funding

Last month's funding drive gave me enough money to devote my time off during the Thanksgiving week to improve Deadwood's handling of CNAME records, as well as allowing Deadwood's to accurately wait less before giving up on an unresponsive DNS server.

Right now, I have enough funds left over to be able to provide basic bug-fix support for MaraDNS and Deadwood on the mailing list for three and a half months. In other words, if I get non-security bug reports or other significant support requests every month, my funding will dry out in mid-March.

I currently do not have enough funding to implement split horizon or any other new features. If these features are desirable, please send me a private email and we can discuss rates.

The job market

A year ago, when I was looking for a job, it took nearly three months to schedule a face-to-face interview and another month for them to come up with enough money to hire me.

This year, I have already, within a month, scheduled multiple face-to-face interviews. This, in spite of the fact that I started my job search in the slow-to-hire holiday season. The job market has definitely improved in the last year (it helps that I no longer need to work remotely, but still). Other friends who were struggling in the post-2008 crash have already found jobs.

For anyone who has been looking for a job and has given up hope: It's a good time to hit the pavement and look for work again.

High-definition video

Ten years ago, I remember researching how much it would cost to have a high-definition video camera. At the time, it cost over $50,000 for a camera with 720p and 1080i resolution.

A few days ago, I went to Costco and saw a 1080p video camera for under $100. Not only does this camera have higher resolution than the $50,000 camera I was looking at a decade ago, it, unlike that old expensive camera, also is a five-megapixel still camera.

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