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March 26 2012

In 2001, having a secure DNS server meant running a DNS server did not expose you to remote root exploits.

Things have changed since then. There are now five major DNS server projects and none of them have remote root exploits popping up every couple of months.

The new gold standard for security is DNSSEC. BIND, NSD/Unbound, and the authoritative half of PowerDNS have DNSSEC support. MaraDNS, on the other hand, does not.

I have nothing against DNSSEC; it's just that I no longer have the free time to spend months implementing DNSSEC "for fun and for free" and I seriously doubt anyone with deep pockets is going to show up to finance MaraDNS having DNSSEC.

That in mind, I have updated MaraDNS' tagline from "MaraDNS: A security-aware DNS server" to "MaraDNS: A small open-source DNS server". I can't say MaraDNS is secure with a straight face any more. Not in 2012 without DNSSEC support.

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