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EasyDNS and truncation


April 24 2012

I have updated Deadwood today. This will be my last MaraDNS and Deadwood update until late May.

EasyDNS sometimes has given out packets marked "truncated" that, in violation of RFC1035 section 4.1.1, do not mean that "[the] message was truncated due to length greater than that permitted on the transmission channel.", but mean "our UDP server is broken, try using our TCP server".

This in mind, I have updated Deadwood so that if we got a truncated packet and can not extract any useful information from the packet, unless Deadwood is using DNS-over-TCP, it's better to completely ignore the reply (when EasyDNS has had this issue, only some of their DNS servers have been affected).

I have added a SQA test to ensure Deadwood correctly handles this abuse of the "truncated" DNS bit.

In addition, Makefile.ipv6 now works again. Keep in mind that, while Deadwood has IPv6 support, Deadwood with IPv6 has not been widely tested.

It can be downloaded here:
I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood again one day in May, after the 20th, unless a critical security bug is found.

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