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Deadwood update


February 22 2013

In today’s blog, I discuss today’s Deadwood update.

The problem

When I updated Deadwood to no longer read the cache if the dwood3rc file is newer, there was still a problem when:

  • Deadwood is started
  • The dwood3rc file is modified
  • Deadwood is stopped, writing a new cache file
When this happens with Deadwood 3.2.03, the cache file (which is a stale cache) is newer than the dwood3rc file.

The solution

In order to solve this problem, Deadwood needs to have this workflow:

  • Make a note of the timestamp for the dwood3rc file when Deadwood is started
  • The dwood3rc file is replaced with a new file
  • The cache is written, including a note of when the dwood3rc was modified when Deadwood was started
  • Deadwood is started again. It sees that, while dwood3rc is older than the cache, the dwood3rc timestamp is not the same as the older one, so it doesn't load the cache.
  • The cache is no longer stale.
I spent today adding the ability to write metadata to a cache file in a format that allows the cache to be read by older Deadwood releases. Now, I need to add the code to make sure the dwood3rc file hasn't changed since the last cache read before reading the cache. I will do that in March.

It can be downloaded here:
I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood again one day in March, after the 21st.

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