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Deadwood Update


July 6 2013

I have updated Deadwood; Deadwood has always had a limit of 20,000 fixed upstream servers. While this does not affect normal usage of Deadwood, people trying to have a huge blacklist in Deadwood would be unable to resolve any domains.

The workaround is to make this silent limit more visible; Deadwood will now complain with a fatal error if there are more than about 20,000 upstream/blacklist entries in one’s dwood3rc file.

Note that this does not affect the total number of NS referral cache entries that Deadwood can handle, only the user-defined upstream servers.

It can be downloaded here:
This is an out of band update; while I do not actively work on new features I still fix serious bugs (or, in this case, what looked like a serious bug at first glance) when I become aware of them.

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