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I now have a forum


September 2 2013

I now have a forum for discussing my web page, MaraDNS support concerns, or anything else set up at (self-signed certificate).

==About the forum==

This forum will allow me to:

  • Give users of my free software better support than a mailing list.
  • Allow blog entries to have comments without me needing to filter them by hand.
  • Allow people to provide feedback about my web page in an open forum.
  • Not clog up the MaraDNS list with support email back-and-forth exchanges.

I have given the forum a look that goes fairly well with the look of my web pages. While the underlying template code is very flexible, the forum’s default look has a very gaudy late 1990s dot-com-era look to it as well as the first 2000s decade’s look of having very small fonts, which I have somewhat fixed.

To give credit where credit is due, the forum software is MyBB and the forum buttons are made by Justin S.

Accounts have to be activated by hand (register an account, and I will then email you to activate it so it can post there), and I do not think this forum will ever become big enough for me to change that. This is a small forum for a few small discussions.

To post a comment about this blog entry, go to the forum (self-signed https). New accounts may post once I approve the account.