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Deadwood 3.3.02


February 23 2019

I have released Deadwood 3.3.02, a new development unstable update to MaraDNS’s recursive resolver.

==Bogus IPv6 addresses==

Just as Deadwood 3.3.01 added ip4, Deadwood 3.3.01 adds ip6: The ability to set the IPv6 IPs for a given domain name.

We don't use standard notation for IPv6 addresses. Instead, we we use 32-character hex addresses (case insensitive); to make it easier to count long strings of "0"s, the "_" acts like a 0:

ip6 = {}
ip6[""] = "fd4d617261444e530000000000001234"
ip6[""] = "FD4D617261444E53__00__00__002345"

With these lines, whenever we ask Deadwood for the IP for “”, we get the ipv6 answer fd4d:6172:6144:4e53::1234, regardless of the IP this domain may actually have. Likewise, when we ask for “”, we get the ipv6 answer fd4d:6172:6144:4e53::2345.


There are a number of limitations with this feature:

  • A given hostname can only have a single IP.
  • Since Deadwood uses a fairly large amount of memory to store these entries, we can only store 20,000 entries.
  • The feature is currently unstable: I have not thoroughly tested this code.

==Getting Deadwood 3.3.02==

Both the source code and Windows binaries of Deadwood 3.3.02 are available:

As always, MaraDNS is a free open-source download, and I was not compensated for developing this feature (but donations are always welcome).

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