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November round up


November 4 2019

I discuss my MaraDNS plans, getting good service at the local DMV, politics, and debunk some “facts” about female sexuality making the rounds in some places on the Internet.

==MaraDNS plans==

I have released MaraDNS 3.4.01. This is my planned final release for the 2010s; I plan on releasing MaraDNS 3.4.02 in early 2020:

  • Update Windows documentation in Deadwood source tarball.
  • Add Russian translation to MaraDNS tarball release.
  • Fix regression tests in MaraDNS 3.4.02. Some tests failed; I released MaraDNS 3.4.01 after confirming the issues were with the tests and not MaraDNS’s code.
  • Fix the unused asktest.c file so that it correctly closes the comment on line 63.

After that, I will consider MaraDNS 3.5.01. I am thinking I may have time to make a proper Docker container for MaraDNS, have it so there is only one source of truth for MaraDNS’s files, and make the officially supported platforms for MaraDNS Windows 10 and a CentOS 8 Docker container.

==California DMV: Good service==

Last night, I was telling a friend that I need to get my driver’s license updated with one of the new “Real ID” licenses which can be used to board airplanes. She told me she had to wait six hours at the local DMV to get her Real ID license.

Last night I carefully prepared all of my paperwork as directed on California’s Real ID web page, and made sure to bring my computer with an extra battery as well as a lunch to eat while waiting to be serviced. I arrived as early as I could in the morning, getting there just before 8am.

As it turned out, I only had to wait about 10 minutes, and was out of the DMV within 30 minutes of coming in the office with all of the paperwork done.

I was so pleased with the service, I even gave the DMV a tip.


The New York Times has been quite negative about Warren lately. They doubt we can pay for Medicare for all, feel Democrats have a better chance of winning by being more moderate, and even have a survey showing that Biden, but not Warren nor Sanders, can beat Trump.

Personally, I support Warren and I support her policies. Income inequality has been going up, and the moderate policies of Clinton and Obama have not stopped that increasing disparity. But I would rather have Biden than Trump in the White House, so would vote for him in the primary if I am convinced he has a better shot at the White House than Warren.

While I think Nate Cohn does pretty good surveys for The New York Times, he also felt Trump only had a 16% chance of winning. I want to see what Nate Silver thinks of Biden’s chances vs. Warren’s chances before making a decision.

Speaking of politics, I have recently been in touch with a couple of college buddies from three decades ago. I was pretty fanatical about Jesus at the time, and these people were believers. However, their conversations were about who were “real” Christians and who were members of “cults” (Read: Any other religion or belief system). When I mentioned I was interested in the Catholic church, one of them gave me a pamphlet about how Catholics commit idolatry by “worshiping Mary”.

I found out that they are, in this day and age, Trump supporters. I was not surprised, but I also unfriended them.

==The “hypergamy” lie==

“Hypergamy” has a special meaning among the misogynistic manosphere part of the Internet. It’s this belief that women don’t want long term commitment; instead women want to only have sex with the most “Alpha” man they can find, and don’t care if they have to share that man with other women. If a woman marries a “beta” (a man who is not “alpha” and not desirable to women)—keep in mind, in the delusions of the “red pill” guys, women only marry “beta”s once they are in their 30s and are losing their beauty—she really only wants to have sex with “alpha” men, especially when she is fertile.

The manosphere even had a little bit of science to back this up: There was a paper published a while ago showing that women preferred to have sex with “alpha” men instead of their “beta” husbands when they were ovulating. The misogynists took this one study and instantly concluded all married women are secretly sleeping with “alpha” men on the side (even though the study said no such thing). However, the science was tenuous and was just refuted last year (they couldn’t replicate the results).

Another data point is a New York Times article from 2016, which shows that women cheating on their husbands and making the raise another father’s kids is essentially a fiction. However, it’s interesting, looking at the comments of that NYT story, the number of men who want to believe this lie.

It comes down to this: It is a common sexual fantasy among men to have a large number of women at their sexual beck and call. Because of this fantasy, men have created an imaginary world where this is what women want, forget about facts.

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