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MaraDNS updates


April 27 2020

I am going over some recent MaraDNS releases in this blog.

==MaraDNS 3.5.0002==

In this release, I finally added a feature someone wanted a number of years ago: The Windows port of MaraDNS no longer needs a “secret.txt” file to start up. Instead, the Windows service directly calls “CryptGenRandom()” to get entropy. This makes the Windows port of Deadwood easier to install and use.

This release was made on February 3, 2020.

==MaraDNS 3.5.0003==

In this release, I added support for large blacklists (up to 500,000 entries). While I went to some effort to reduce memory usage of large blacklists, in order to keep the code simple and fast, each black list entry takes about a kilobyte of memory. Typical “Pi Hole” anti spam blacklists have about 60,000 entries, so we need about 60 megabytes of memory to run a blacklist of this size.

I personally find the black lists useful for keeping me away from “time sink” websites like Twitter.

This release was made on April 16, 2020.

==MaraDNS 3.5.0004==

In this release, I made MaraDNS easier to use by no longer forcing the use to change the value of “maximum_cache_elements”, and have made some progress updating the documentation.

This release was made on April 18, 2020.

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