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February 2023


February 28 2023

Hello, everyone!

Just a minor update with my life. Right now, I haven’t been working on open source too much since I have been concentrating on enjoying the outdoors, physical fitness, and becoming healthy. I am making a lot of progress there — it’s amazing what one can accomplish when one goes to the effort to improve one’s body.

I am also concentrating on being the best father I can be for my beautiful daughter, and that means volunteering at her school and spending quality time with her.

The truth is this: The things going on in the Internet don’t really matter to me any more. I don’t care about engaging in yet another pointless political debate. I know that if I’m getting all worked up over politics, there’s something wrong in my personal life I need to work on. I know that Reddit is a fantasy world and does not reflect reality. I have better things to do than to get all angry about whatever it is that has gone viral on Twitter today. I only use Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with real world friends.

Today, I live in the real world, not the Internet fantasy world.

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