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More information on the IBM 365XD and Linux

Getting hibernation to work

Getting suspend to work on an IBM 365XD is easy enough--simply compile your kernel with APM support. Hibernation, however, takes a little more doing:

  • Make a DOS partition a little bigger than the amount of memory you have in your 365XD.
  • Use the PS2.EXE program included with the 365XD to make a hibernation file. Do this from inside DOS.

Some more information on XFree-86 and the 365XD

If you have the TFT (active matrix) display, XFree-3.3 will work with the 365XD. It is only the dual scan display that needs XFree-3.2.

Why it crashed during the initial RedHat install

There are known problems with installing RedHat on a system with only eight megabytes of RAM. When I expanded the memory to 24 megs, not only did this make X run far faster, it also made the install far more stable.

Turning up the speaker can cause feedback

This can be elimiated by compiling the kernel with sound support (the sound card looks like a Sound Blaster to Linux), installing the aumix program, and running this command:

aumix -m 0
aumix can also be used to increase the somewhat quiet default volume for the CD player.

The serial port does not work by default

You need the PS2.EXE program to enable the serial port.

This change is remembered by the BIOS, so only needs to be done once, unless the BIOS memory gets corrupted, which hasn't ever happened to me.