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Runnning X on the IBM 365XD

People who wish to run X on their 365XD (DTSN display), and are using the version of X that comes with RedHat 6.2 (XFree86 3.3.6), can use this XF86Config file. Linux newbies, simply replace /etc/X11/XF86Config with this XF86Config--don't bother with running Xconfigurator, xf86config, or any other program that writes the XF86Config file for you.

X also works when you configure it with the Xconfigurator that RedHat 6.2 comes with.

Important: In order to get X to work, do this incantation:

  • startx
  • Hit Fn + F7 on the keyboard
  • Exit out of X with CNTL + ALT + F1
  • Hit CNTL + C to stop the X server
  • Restart X with startx