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Linux and the CTX EZ772 laptop

Please note that the CTX computer that I installed Linux on was merely a loaner machine. I no longer have access to this machine.

The install went perfectly because I had a 20x instead of a 24x CDROM. If you have a 24x CDROM drive, I can not help you install Linux on your CTX machine. Email asking me about installing Linux on a CTX system with a 24x CDROM drive will be unanswered, since I can provide no more help than the help I offer on this web page.

Many moons ago, I was given a CTX EZ772 MT-MK laptop at work to install Linux on. Since this particular CTX has a 20x CDROM instead of the broken 24x CDROM (Again, email asking me about 24x CDROM problems will be unanswered) the install was nearly seamless, with only some minor obstacles:

  • The touchpad is a standard PS/2 (/dev/psaux) mouse.

  • The CD-ROM is a standard IDE CD-ROM. Important: My make and model uses a 20x CD-ROM drive. I have multiple reports from the internet that RedHat Linux will not install from a 24X CD-ROM drive.

    I have one report that changing the file ide.c in the kernel source to ignore a status of 0x50 allows Linux to use the 24x CD-ROM normally. Another report say that the code in question is:

    ...return 0;
            if (drive->media == ide_cdrom)
              return 0;
              ide_error(drive, "status error", stat);
            return 1;
    at the end of function ide_wait_stat().

    Note: This is a kernel change that can only be done after you have sucessfully installed Linux using a hard disk or network install.

    If RedHat 6.0 works (or doesn't work) with a CTX with a 24x CDROM, please let me know.

    If you have a CTX system with a kernel image that works with a 24x CDROM, please email me the kernel image in question. This way, I will be able to give non-C-programmers a working kernel, allowing them to use the 24x CDROM in their CTX.

  • The video chipset is a NeoMagic chipset. This is not a problem, thanks to RedHat making available drivers at:

    Note: This FTP server is very busy, and it may take multiple tries to get these files

  • The PCMCIA slots are not visible to older versions of the PCMCIA software suite. This is only a problem with people installing older versions of Linux, and can easily be fixed by downloading and installing packages from here:
  • Suspend functions do not work--they do nothing. Then again, I have not compiled a kernel with APM support on this laptop yet.

I have a report from the 'net that the CTX EZ774MTFK (20X CDROM) installs without any problems.