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Directory Mar-10-2018 1.2
250       Mar-10-2018 2014
131       Jan-15-2014 AI
186       Jan-15-2014 Caulixtla
39632     Mar-10-2018 C-evo-HOWTO.html
304185    Apr-14-2017 c-evo-mapgen-source.7z
2209401   Jan-30-2016 C-evo-samiam-2016.7z
2255477   Apr-14-2017 C-evo-samiam-2017.7z
3155      Apr-28-2013 CHANGELOG.txt
Directory Mar-10-2018 old
176018    Apr-21-2013 screenshot.jpg

C-evo-samiam-2016.7z: This is the current “house rules” version of C-evo 1.2 that I play. See this README for a list of changes compared to “stock” C-evo 1.2.

1.2: Files related to C-evo 1.2 (source code of my chanes; c-evo-1.2-samiam spread across two floppy-disc sized images, Steffen Gerlach’s “stock” release of C-evo 1.2, etc.)

Caulixtla: A conversion of a single large continent of a map generated with Cephalo's Civilization 4 "Perfect World" map script. Includes a map script which randomly changes some aspects of the map.

C-evo-HOWTO.html: A 6000-word introduction to C-evo for someone who has never played a Civilization game before.

old: Older files. My final 2013 version of C-evo 1.1.1; source code for C-evo 1.1.1; etc.

screenshot.jpg: A screenshot of C-evo 1.2 (using my “house rules” edition; observe the vertical lines used as the “fog of war” shroud)

.7z files need 7zip to open