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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: "Hackers", the movie (*RANT!*)

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In article <43n8rf$>,
(Digital Grindage) says:
>ObSimilarHack:  About 3 months ago, I upgraded my RapidCAD386dx80 (don't
>even ask, it's the most whacked out motherboard I've ever seen) from
a 240MB
>HDD to a 1.3GIG HDD.  Using Linux, I fdisked a 25MB Swap partition as the
>first slice, and a native Linux boot partition up through the 1024th
cyl. as
>the second slice.  Pissed that I couldn't use anything above that, I just
>said "what the hell" and created a partition for 1025 and up
for native
>Linux, and tossed it in the fstab under /home.  What do ya know, even when
>DOS has no clue that it exists, Linux takes over and recognizes it.
>Any ideas why it works even though the BIOS has no idea anything above 1024

Because Linux doesn't use BIOS.  :)  Actually, it does, but only on bootup.
The kernel
has to be on a partition recognizable from bios so it can boot it, so don't
make one big
partition for all of linux, cause then you've screwed yourself...  But if
you put your
kernel on and boot from a floppy, you're set.

ObThisIsMyFirstPost:  But I won't be a weenie and use it as my OBHack.

OBsmallHack:  Er...  Adding a new video card, cdrom, 2 hard drives, &
ultrasound to an old
packard bell (I Know, I Know, don't say it!)  that they swore up and down
was NOT

ObSmallHack2:  Figuring out the old phone wiring in the old apartment building
I moved
into to get my phone stuff wired up before the phone guy got here....

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