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MaraDNS blog FAQ

This is a FAQ for the MaraDNS blog.

Why don't you allow comments?

The majority of comments I got were spam or MaraDNS support concerns. This blog is not a place to put your "promotional" link nor to ask for MaraDNS support.

Why can't I file a bug report on the blog?

The majority of bug reports are actually support concerns. Some of these are caused because Deadwood, having only recently been made feature-complete, has not been fully documented. But some of the support concerns are things easily resolved with a simple RTFM.

My experience is that people who are unwilling to take the time to join the MaraDNS mailing list are unwilling to work with me to resolve a bug report. I don't like having unresolved bugs, but I can't resolve a bug if someone is unwilling to follow-up with me.

The trivial amount of effort needed to join the MaraDNS mailing list shows that someone willing to file a bug is more likely willing to follow-up with me on the bug.

I have a MaraDNS or Deadwood support request

The home page describes how to get MaraDNS and Deadwood support. In a nutshell: RTFM; if the documentation does not answer your concern (yes, I have a search tool at the bottom of this page to help you find an answer to your question), join the MaraDNS mailing list and send your support concern to the mailing list.

I can't join the MaraDNS mailing list

I have detailed directions for joining the mailing list at

When I click on a link to a software program, I get a 404

I sometimes remove programs that I feel are of marginal use or are about topics I am no longer interested in. Notably, I have removed from my website anything and everything about Chess Variants (with the exception of ChessV) and files related to a Linux distribution I made which fits in only 20 megs (it doesn't support newer hardware), not to mention some hacks I made to Dillo before Dillo development started up again and Dillo 2.0 was released.

I presume there is no interest in these files; if I am mistaken, please tell me you miss a certain program and I will see if it's possible to find it in my archives.