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Hello, my name is Sam Trenholme. I am a full-time single parent and open source software developer with a GitHub page. I enjoy using technology to solve real-world problems.

Some recent projects include a COVID-19 tracker, MaraDNS, among other projects.

Before this, I worked a wide variety of jobs, from being an embedded Lua developer, a professional editor of technical documents, a dev ops engineer, and a full stack web developer.

I am flexible with the technology I work with and do not believe in buzzwords; as a skilled software developer I quickly adapt to new technologies as new sources of revenue. That said, some technologies I have worked with recently are Lua, C, UNIX shell scripting, Docker, Linux, Windows, PHP, Python, Apache, nginx, FastCGI, cloud computing, and so on.

My primary social media account is on Mastodon, at

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