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Parent directory
86130     May-24-2013 Caulixtla-C-evo.c
20992     May-24-2013 Caulixtla-C-evo.exe
17276     May-24-2013
27672     May-24-2013 Caulixtla.cevo map
Directory Jan-15-2014 old

Caulixula-C-evo.c: A C-language program which generates a map based on “Caulixtla” suitable for C-evo use. It takes a seed as an argument, and outputs “{seed}.cevo map”

Caulixtla-C-evo.exe: The compiled version of this C program. Put this in the same directory that has C-evo maps, such as /Users/name/AppData/Remote/C-evo/Maps/

Caulixtla.cevo map: An example map made with Caulixtla-C-evo.c, using the following command line: Caulixtla-C-evo Caulixtla 47 20 p All three of the above files, in a single handy zip file

old: Older versions of the C-evo Caulixtla conversion.