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Lenovo S-100; Feedback


June 22 2011

Netbook news and Liliputing have reported that Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the Lenovo S-100.

This Netbook, which is a minor update to the Lenovo S10-3, is already available in Hong Kong and China (in three colors).

The x120e is still unavailable from Lenovo in the US (use a reseller); no word on the up-and-coming x121e

Cedric comments on my blog about low-cost hosts:

Hey Sam,

Just wanted to let you know that BuyVM will still sell $15/year VPSs and that it was not a temporary offer to "get their name out there." They are adding more stock in early July and will have around 1,000 units for sale. Could you please update your blog post to reflect this?



(Customer/fan of BuyVM)

I apologize for the error and have removed the one sentence that implied that BuyVM will not have ultra-low-cost virtual private servers (VPS) again.

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While BuyVM was very popular in 2011, by 2020 they were outdated, being unable to run CentOS 8. I moved away from BuyVM in 2020 and moved to a shared Linux Web hosting account for my domains.