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Remembering Vangelis

The legendary electronic musician Vangelis has died. I honor his memory. [Read more] (2022-05-19)

Star Wars

May the 4th be with you! Also, I go over a short chess game. [Read more] (2022-05-04)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This blog is about my current thoughts on Chess variants, and about some free Chess diagram fonts I have made. [Read more] (2022-04-17)


MaraDNS updates & more

I discuss the Ukraine invasion, some minor updates I have been making for MaraDNS, why I don’t like 5G, and Will Smith’s now world-famous slap at the Oscars last night. [Read more] (2022-03-29)


Slackware 15

I discuss Slackware’s new release and finish up going over the top five 1980s songs on You Tube. [Read more] (2022-02-05)


Nexuiz: Beer and pretzels

While there are a number of free and open source first person shooter games out there, Nexuiz is still my favorite one. [Read more] (2022-01-29)

Variable optical size

I list some variable fonts, and discuss the second most popular 1980s song as per the number of YouTube views the song has. [Read more] (2022-01-09)


MaraDNS support update

I discuss a change in MaraDNS’s support policy in this blog. Also, I discuss another of the top 5 1980s songs on YouTube. [Read more] (2021-12-19)


1980s songs: Part two

I continue to talk about the five most popular 1980s songs on YouTube, and discuss changing the time on my car stereo. [Read more] (2021-11-07)


1980s songs: Part one

I talk about 1980s songs on YouTube. This is part one of a series of articles I will publish about the five most popular 1980s songs on YouTube. [Read more] (2021-10-21)



I remember the AIDS pandemic, and compare it to the current COVID-19 pandemic. [Read more] (2021-09-26)

Jerry Pournelle

This blog is written in honor of Jerry Pournelle’s legacy. While there was a lot I disagreed with Jerry Pournelle about, I enjoyed what he had to write. [Read more] (2021-09-14)

9/11 20 years later

20 years ago today, September 11 happened. I remember this tragedy. Also, some thoughts on the pandemic. [Read more] (2021-09-11)



In this blog, I briefly share my thoughts about Afghanistan, now that we are leaving there after 20 years, and announce a new MaraDNS release. [Read more] (2021-08-17)


Delta surge

This blog is about the Delta surge of COVID-19, and why it can be mitigated. [Read more] (2021-07-31)

MaraDNS and DKIM

I discuss a very technical issue for users of my MaraDNS server: How to have DKIM records in MaraDNS. [Read more] (2021-07-16)


My Karen Story

Now that decades have passed, I can finally tell my Karen story and its aftermath. [Read more] (2021-06-06)


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