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November 2017 round up


November 11 2017

I discuss a MaraDNS update and Roy Moore.

==MaraDNS update==

On October 24, 2017, the IPv4 IP for was changed. I have updated Deadwood with the new IP. In addition, for anyone using a dwood3rc file with the root servers set in it, the IP needs to be replaced with

A dwood3rc file for Deadwood sometimes has a section looking like this:

root_servers = {}
root_servers["."]+=",,, "
root_servers["."]+=",,, "

If so, make sure the out of date IP is replaced, like it is above.

The deadwood configuration file is usually located at /etc/dwood3rc

I have updated the Deadwood source to use the updated IP, and have updated the list of root servers everywhere the out of date IP was in the documentation.

I plan on making a release of MaraDNS in 2018 with this update. Until then, both the GitHub repo at and the Deadwood snapshot at have this change.

==Roy Moore==

Now that The Washington Post has brought to light multiple verified allegations of child molestation against Alabama Senator candidate Ray Moore (to be technical, the youngest one was 14 at the time of the allegations, but that’s child molestation in my book, since Moore was in his 30s at the time), it remains an open question whether Alabama voters would rather elect a child molester or a Democrat to the US Senate come December 12. It’s a lose-lose for the Republicans either way; they either lose one critical seat in a very closely held Senate, or they have to deal with the political fallout of one of their own being a child molester.

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