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Chess Cueravaca is a public domain font suitable for making Chess diagrams. Its graphics are mostly based on public domain vector files available at the Wikimedia commons. Those vector files are in turn based on raster PNG images. The PNG images, in turn, are renderings of symbols in the open source Skak Chess Font, but do not, as per Eltra Corp. v. Ringer, fall under the license for that font. Since the SVG files are derived from raster PNG images, Adobe Systems, Inc. v. Southern Software, Inc. does not apply.

Note that this font is not public domain in jurisdictions which allow fonts to be copyrighted, but is still available under an open source license. Since some jurisdictions which protect fonts only protect them for shorter terms, it appears that the Shak font was first published in 2002, so copyright expired before 2013 in Germany (10 years protection without registration), and expired before 2018 in Ireland (15 years protection).

Chess Tepoztlan is a public domain font suitable for making Chess diagrams.

The images are very loosely derived from two 19th century works:

  • Images on the front cover of Benjamin R. Foster’s 1889 book Chancellor Chess.
  • An image of a knight in Theophilus Thompson’s 1873 classic Chess Problems: Either to Play and Mate.
Because of the age of these works, copyright has expired in most, if not all, jurisdictions.
Chess Jiutepec is a font which uses versions of the Chess symbols in the Quivira font. Like the other fonts, the font is public domain.
All fonts here have the same mapping:
  • Lowercase is on a white square, upper case is on a black square
  • A is a white upsidedown bishop
  • S is a black upsidedown bishop
  • D is a white rook + knight fairy piece (or upsidedown rook)
  • F is a black rook + knight fairy piece (or upsidedown rook)
  • G is a white upsidedown knight
  • H is a black upsidedown knight
  • P is a white pawn
  • O (the letter) is a black pawn
  • R is a white rook
  • T is a black rook
  • N is a white knight
  • M is a black knight
  • B is a white bishop
  • V is a black bishop
  • Q is a white queen
  • W is a black queen
  • K is a white king
  • L is a black king
  • A + is an empty black square
  • A (blank space) is an empty white square
  • To put a border around a chess diagram, use !"# on the top row, $ on the left side, % on the right side, and /() on the bottom.
Here is how the opening setup of chess is rendered with these fonts:
$ + + + +%
$+ + + + %
$ + + + +%
$+ + + + %