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Directory May-30-2020 2014
Directory Jan-15-2014 AI
924045    Nov-05-2009 C-Evo-Sounds.7z
1384627   Nov-05-2009 C-Evo-small-install.7z
2781038   Jun-18-2013 C-evo-1.2-samiam.7z
13153     Dec-03-2009
2015      Dec-10-2009 C-evo-maps.7z
1430822   Apr-15-2013 C-evo-samiam-2013-disc1.7z
1358606   Apr-15-2013 C-evo-samiam-2013-disc2.7z
2209401   Jan-30-2016 C-evo-samiam-2016.7z
2255477   Apr-14-2017 C-evo-samiam-2017.7z
3669190   May-23-2020 C-evo-samiam-2020.7z
490       May-25-2020 C-evo-samiam-2020.7z.asc
206949    Apr-16-2013 C-evo-samiam-screenshot.jpg
1404910   Jan-27-2010 C-evo-samiam.7z
18429     Dec-02-2009 C-evo-stuff.7z
615174    Nov-12-2009 C-evo-tiny.7z
10161     Dec-08-2009
3155      Apr-28-2013 CHANGELOG.txt
Directory Jan-15-2014 Caulixtla
3690      Nov-30-2009 Hack-cevo.c
1969      Nov-13-2009 Make-Cevo-epic.c
1798      Nov-13-2009 Make-Cevo-quick.c
32967     Nov-26-2009 Nation2.7z
2676      Feb-04-2012
89833     Sep-28-2010 SETI-v0.3-crash.cevo
Directory May-22-2021 Y2038-broken
641       Jan-09-2010 c-evo-netbook-fix.c
5120      Jan-09-2010 c-evo-netbook-fix.exe
4587      Feb-19-2020 cevo-2013-changes.html
3155      Apr-28-2013 cevo-2013-changes.txt
317878    Apr-18-2013
336       Apr-15-2013
3506      Oct-29-2009 map.sizes.c
1035      Oct-29-2009 max.year.c
1882      Nov-12-2009 tech.cost.c
106286    Nov-23-2009 techchart.7z

C-evo-1.2-small.7z: 7-zip compressed reduced sized C-evo 1.2. This version has reduced quality (fewer colors) large-sized graphics. The smaller tiles have not been altered (except the fog of war hatch has been updated). A 6000-word introduction to C-evo for someone who has never played a Civilization game before.

C-evo-maps.7z: Three maps for C-evo; two are my own creations, and one is from the "total fairness" series.

C-evo-netbook-fix.{c|exe}: There is a bug in C-evo 1.1.1 where the diplomacy screen is nay-to-impossible to use on a netbook (a screen only 600 pixels high). This program takes cevo.exe and makes a cevo-netbook.exe with this bug fixed.

C-evo-samiam.7z: C-evo 1.1.1 install without sounds with some changes (different map sizes; more muted colors for the Science and Mongol graphics; C-evo Netbook screen F9 bug fixed; Tutorial and HOWTO and a few C-evo maps added) I have done.

C-Evo-small-install.7z: C-Evo 1.1.1 with the sounds removed so it will fit on a single 1.44meg floppy

C-Evo-Sounds.7z: The sounds for C-Evo 1.1.1 (put this on the second floppy :)

C-evo-stuff.7z: This has both the win32 binaries for adjusting the map sizes, final year, and game pace of C-evo, and a HOWTO I wrote which describes C-Evo for someone who has never played any Civilization game before.

C-Evo-tiny.7z: This version of C-Evo is a hack Steffen did in 2007 to see how small he could make C-Evo. To save space, the city improvement graphics are black and white, some features are disabled, and there are no sounds. This version of C-Evo fits on a single 720k floppy, for those of you who don't have a 1.44 meg drive. Details here: An easy tutorial map and a guide which walks you through the process of having a military victory in this simple map. For C-evo 1.1.1 The source code to the older 2008 C-evo 1.1.1 release. Requires the proprietary Delphi to compile.

C-evo-samiam-2013-disc1.7z: C-evo 1.1.1 install without sounds and some changes updated for 2013. Fully playable but no sounds. Fits on an old 1.44 meg floppy.

C-evo-samiam-2013-disc2.7z: Additional files for C-evo-samiam-disc1 (sounds, Seti AI, image of tech chart). Put this on the second floppy. A shell script for listing all possible map sizes C-evo supports (where (x * y) + 1 is prime)

Hack-cevo.c: A program that makes quicker and slower (epic) versions of C-evo and changes tha map sizes in C-evo.

Make-Cevo-quick, Make-Cevo-epic: Programs that make C-Evo games shorter and longer. This is done by adjusting the speed tech advances and the speed cities grow. The quick form has tech advance and cities grow twice as fast; the epic form has tech advance seven times slower and cities grow 2 1/2 times slower.

Please note that these changes may worsen AI play, and that modified C-Evo saved games are not compatible with stock C-evo saved games.

map.sizes.c: Source code of program to adjust Cevo 1.1.1's map sizes.

max.year.c: Source code of program to remove (OK, greatly increase) Cevo 1.1.1's final year cap.

Nation2.7z: A slightly modified form of nation2.bmp where the Mongols' huts aren't quite as bright; I find the default look of them a bit overwhelming, as if their huts were made out of day-glow. Neither the Standard nor the Seti AI handle starting on a small island next to a continent very well.

techchart.7z: A chart of C-evo's technology tree

tech.cost.c: Source code of program to adjust the cost of research (tech) in Cevo 1.1.1

.7z files need 7zip to open