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Happy Easter!


April 17 2022

Happy Easter! This blog is about my current thoughts on Chess variants, and about some free Chess diagram fonts I have made.

==Happy Easter!==

Happy Easter! Lent has been very successful this year: I have been able to reduce my social media usage and am engaging in more live social gatherings again. With the COVID pandemic no longer a pressing concern I have been transitioning from online socialization to live person social gatherings.

As just one of many examples, I am now going back to live church services again.

==Public domain chess diagram fonts==

A chess diagram font is a font one uses to make a diagram of a chess position. These are used to illustrate positions in chess games, as well as for chess mating problems.

I have been annoyed that there isn’t an OFL licensed or public domain chess diagram font out there. I finally took the bull by the horns and both made my open public domain chess piece diagrams, as well as finding two sources for public domain vector chess piece diagrams, and now have three different public domain chess diagram fonts.

The fonts are available for download at the following locations:
==Chess variants==

It’s an exciting time for chess variant enthusiasts:

  • With Chess960 now played in official FIDE tournaments, and with millions of games of this variant played online, chess variants are finally mainstream. Bobby Fischer’s lasting legacy will be, as much as his chess, the increment chess clock and the Chess960 variant.
  • Fairy Stockfish is fully open source and can play many variants better than any human.
  • I have, 28 years later, fully implemented an idea I had for a chess variant back in 1994.

The idea I had in 1994 was to implement a chess variant on a particular demi-regular tiling of squares and triangles that Wikipedia calls a 33344-33434 tiling.

I have finally formalized the rules for this variant, and have even made a Zillions of Games rules file for it. While Zillions is closed source and proprietary, it is the only chess variant engine I know of that is flexible enough to be able to play chess on any arbitrary tiling.

The variant can be looked at and the Zillions rules downloaded here:

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